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BAOFENG Portable Radio 3/5km

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BAOFENG Portable Radio 3/5km

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The handheld portable radio is designed to operate in the 400 - 470 MHz bands. The high power of the transmitter provides the maximum communication distance (3-5 km) through which you can talk to each other.

The walkie-talkie is made of high-quality materials, placed in a flat ergonomic case, takes up less space, is charged through its own station. Provides reliable communication for large shopping and entertainment complexes, cafes and restaurants, installers and crane operators on construction sites, hunters, fishermen and tourists outdoors

The set includes an individual charger, battery belt clip, antenna and headset.

Type: Hand

Working distance: 3/5 km

Frequency range: 400/470 MHz

Number of channels: 16

Battery capacity: 1500 mah (rechargeable)