Myanmar Marriage Customs

Traditionally, marriages in Myanmar had been arranged by family and community. These romances were put in place based on the couple’s background, financial status, and wealth. Generally, lovers did not pay dowry. However , some couples did.

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Marriages in Myanmar had been mainly assemble by a great elder community member. The couple’s parents were generally invited to the wedding party. Depending on the family’s financial status, the wedding ceremony may be religious or perhaps secular.

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During the wedding party, the bride and groom sit on pads. They may dress in traditional dresses or gowns. The star of the event will wear a flower on her behalf head and a lot of jewels.

Following your ceremony is finished, the couple is congratulated simply by relatives and friends. The guests might leave a gift on a stand. The wedding couple then consume a meal. They will also will receive a flower and a thank you card.

The ceremony has been known to include alms to monks. A monk will visit the couple’s residence. The monk will listen to a rollo and then bless the few. The couple will also offer food for the monk.

Beyond just the monks, the family may perhaps invite a judge or other legal officials towards the wedding. During the ceremony, the bride and groom can also dunk their particular hands in perfumed drinking water.

The wedding service in Myanmar may last for two hours. The formal procedure usually ends with the coming of a conch shell. The bride and groom will even wear classic attire.

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