Products purchased in the company "Protech" are covered by minimum 12-month warranty.

Warranty service includes:
● Free repair or replacement of device with a similar device in case of damage (if repair is impossible).

In order to receive the warranty service, it is necessary that the rules for use of the goods developed by the manufacturer should be followed in accordance with the instructions.

To receive warranty service, the owner of the device must present the warranty document to the service center. In case of legal entities, the document issued to the company - bill of lading and invoice - is also considered a guarantee document.

Changing the device is allowed only if:
● within 2 days of purchase (immediately out of the box) will be detected a visual defect or a factory fault. The device will be replaced with a new one only after the complete diagnostics.


The warranty service is not performed/cancelled if:
● The warranty period has expired;
● The data in the warranty card has been changed, deleted or modified;
● The device has a visual or mechanical defect;
● The serial number, code or index is not readable in the warranty card or on the device case;
● The damage is caused by a fault of the electrical network (voltage change), wetting of the mechanism, corrosion, influence of high or low temperature, violating the rules / conditions of use and storage;
● The damage is caused by unqualified repair / installation works;
● Components, that are not subject to repair, are not accompanied by a complete set (packaging, documentation, drivers, cables, etc. that comes by the purchase).

The warranty does not extend to the system block software, system block power supply, battery, cables, adapters, memory chip, charging devices and other accessories.

After the expiration of the warranty period, the service is paid.

The company will perform warranty service (repair/replacement of the device with a similar item) within 7 working days after receiving the application for warranty service and the corresponding device.

In case of fire control panels and detectors, it is mandatory to check and clean the equipment every 6 months by a company accredited by the manufacturer.

Thank you for your cooperation!